Sunday, 24 September 2017

Tumor Update - Remission, Recovery, and Relapse.

Hello all. I wanted to make this post to apologize for my absence. But I had a very valid reason for poofing.

August 2016, I was at my family dentist for the first time in 2 years. And there it was discovered I had a very large tumor in my right side of my jaw bone.

September 2016, I started a YouCaring to help my family pay for the treatment expenses, as I needed to pay $3000 out of pocket for 5 root canals in my lower right molars.

November 2016, I underwent a biopsy. And had a chunk of my tumor removed, and it was sent to University of Torontos science section.

January 2017, I was put into Brampton Civic Hospital, where I underwent a 8 hour surgery to remove a 8 inch tumor in my right side jaw. Where it was discovered, it had eaten a hole straight through my jaw bone.

Pictured here, is the results of my CT scan done on my head. Where it shows where the tumor was growing and eating my jaw bone.

February, March, April 2017, I went back to my surgeons office monthly for check ups on how my incisions, and my bones were healing, and everything was going really well!

September 2017. I went to see my surgeon for the first time since April, this month. And he had finally gotten the results of my Biopsy back. And my tumor is NOT the type that I was originally diagnosed with.

I have a MUCH more aggressive tumor than originally thought. And the specialist as University of Toronto said I will need to have a "very aggressive" treatment, and very "invasive" and "major" surgery on my jaw.

ALSO. The worst part. My surgeon, who had removed 8 INCHES of tumor, just 9 months ago, did an xray of my jaw on a hunch. And from there it was obvious that my tumor has grown back FULLY in the last 3/4 months. And it's in a different part of my jaw. More along the hinge.

As I'm writing this, it is Sunday September 24th. And on Tuesday September 26th, I will be going in for 3 more root canals. And paying $300 out of pocket.

Im going to have a VERY tough road a head of me with regards to recovery, and remission.

I have some photos taken and ready to be posted, But please please have patience with me right now. While I'm undergoing major health issues.

I love you all so so much!!!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Two Fall Looks - Hello Fall!

Hello friends!! Sorry I'v been MIA. September 4th was the second anniversary of my grandfathers death. And I decided to take time off of the internet.

But I am here, and I'm showing you all two fall inspired makeup looks I did this week!!!

Here in my part of Canada, it gets chilly pretty darn fast!! It's already at the warmest 16 Celsius here!! BRR!

Look one, Vampy lips -

For the eyes, I did Colourpop Bel Air (a light brown) as a transition, Coastal Scents Barista (medium brown) at the crease shade. And then patted Colourpop Glitterati (A white/gold duochrome) all over my mobile lids. Then took a small pencil brush and patted Coastal Scents Amber Bronze (Deep metallic bronze) on the outer corner of my lids, and slightly into my crease. I also ran Amber Bronze along the lower lashlines. Added some mascara to the upper and lower lashes, did my brows. And then added Huda Beauty Famous to my lips and was done!!

Second Look - Jewel Eyes

Sorry for the lash of close up photos, But these were all I had at the time!!

I did the exact same transition/crease routine here, then I took a small pencil brush and added Coastal Scents Chocolatier, and deepened my outer V. I then patted Colourpop Babykinz (sparkly metallic cranberry) all over my lids. I blended out any harsh lines, with a TOUCH more of Chocolatier. Then I buffed Colourpop Patchwork (deep navy glitter) under my lower lashline. Did my brows, added mascara, and then applied a coat of BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquid Lipstick in Chutney to my lips!

What do y'all think of my fall looks?

Saturday, 2 September 2017

So Good I Repurchased - 5 Things I finished and Repurchased


Happy September, friends!!!

Today I'm going to show yall some things I finished, and then repurchased because I loved them so much!

while I didn't "finish" my first Modern Renaissance palette, I'v hit pan or fully finished 7 shadows. So I bought a new one, to use for when my first one is finished!!

L'oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation is wonderful! It's my longest lasting foundation in the summer heat I found. I use the smallest amount, and really spread and press this foundation into my skin, and my skin looks amazing! I used to have the shade 304, but it was way too pink. So I went up a shade to 305 which is perfect!

I used to own MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer in NW25, but it was too pink and dark, so once I finished that. I bought the shade NC20. which is lighter than my skintone. So It brightens my under eyes perfectly!

LUSH's Santa Baby lip tint is my holy grail, all time favourite lipstick! I'v only ever finished two lipsticks before. And this is one of them!

I'm on my third compact of the Annabelle Brow-To-Go!! It's my perfect shade match for my brows, and it lasts all day. What more could I ask for!?

Thursday, 31 August 2017

August Monthly Favorites

Hello all!! I can not believe that August is almost over!!! This summer has flown by. The month of September is going to be SUPER busy for me. SIGH!

Here's some products I'v been loving this month!

Sephora Collection Clay Masks - I have the Pink Clay, and Purple clay masks. The purple is for hydrating, and the Pink is for evening the skin. I haven't noticed any difference in the even-ness of my skin. But these really moisturize my skin and make it feel soft and smooth!!

Sephora Collection Honey Lip Scrub - I love this!! I'v been using a LUSH lipscrub, and finished it. And decided to try this. and it's amazing. Its non messy, it's balmy, and really smooths my lips!

Sephora Collection Lashcraft Big Volume Mascara - I have stubby. shitty lashes. In the photos y'all see of my eyes, I USUALLY have 5 coats of mascara on in them. With this mascara I can get away with three coats of mascara! Yay!

Clinique Black Honey Pop Blush - This is the best neutral/everyday blush i'v ever found!! It's a nice plummy colour, that blends out so eaily!

First Aid Beauty Vanilla Lemon Ultra Repair Cream - I FINALLY tried this cream last month, and it's changed my life!! It apply one to two layers at night after all of my treatments and it locks everything in and really moisturizes my skin!!! I wake up to soft, smooth skin with this!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Sephora Collection Blush To Go Blush Stick Review - 09 Miss Gorgeous

Hello again friends!!

Today I'm showing you all swatches and my thoughts on a new blush stick I bought from Sephora.

I have the shade 09 Miss Gorgeous, which is a nice Reddish Pink.

This blush is a cream to powder. As I blend it, I can feel it turning powdery. It's a cool feeling!

This is a more sheer cream blush. So I'd highly recommend this to blush beginners!! I have to do two and a half layers of this, to get my desired flush.

I use a MAC 159, a duo fiber blush brush and I'll lightly stipple this onto my cheek bones.

It doesn't move my foundation when i use a brush. But when I blend with my fingers it DOES move my foundation.

Lasting power is usual of the cream blush for me. Around 5 hours, when set.

Overall: 7.5/10.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Urban Decay Jean Michel Basquiat Blush Palette Review + Swatches


I'v been deciding if I should post this, for a good week or two. But I figured since this is still available on Sephora Canada. I'll post it!

X-Rated is a matte cool, light pink blush
Now's The Time is a shimmery golden highlight
Jawbone is a matte warm medium brown bronzer
NoHo is a matte purple/plum blush

To cut to the chase, I LOVE this palette! It's my favorite cheek palette to date. I'v hit pan on Jawbone, because I use it every single day to add warmth and definition to my cheeks and.

I use NoHo the most out of the two blushes. But X-Rated is still stunning!!

These blend, and buff out easily. I don't feel like I need to bring out the big guns to blend them out.

They aren't SUPER powdery to the point I have to lightly tap my brush into the pan. But they aren't stiff or hard.

I would recommend this palette for light medium to medium tan skintones. I'v seen swatches of this palette on deep dark skin. And the two blushes were definitely ashy looking!!

Overall: 9/10

Friday, 25 August 2017

Make Up For Ever Star Lit Powder Review and Swatches - 04 Frozen Green

Hello!!! Good morning!!

Today I'm showing you all one of my new favorite highlights!

Make Up For Ever Star Lit Powder in Frozen Green. It's a stunning iridescent green/white duochrome.

This is a loose powder that can be used on the Eyes, and Cheeks! I only own this one (but spoiler I will be buying more!!) but the lovely Christine @ Temptalia pointed out, they all seem to come with differing amounts. My jar of Frozen Green comes with 0.7 Grams. Which, for $25. I'm not very happy!

Here is the first look I did, using this powder on my eyes. Here I mixed it with a deeper/darker green shadow. Frozen Green lightened the other shadow, and made it more mossy/light and shimmery!

Here is a second look I did with Frozen green. Here I used a bunch of warm browns in the crease (warm browns and greens are my FAVORITE combo!) and lightly patted frozen green all over the inner parts of my mobile lids. Here you can see, it's sheer-er on it's own, and lighter.

Here, even though it's hard to see. I'm using it as a cheek highlight! It looks very pretty, iridescent, and shiny on my cheek bones!

Overall: 7/10
Pros: Light fall out, doesn't explode out of the container, easy to apply/blend
Cons: Little product for the price, Even if it's light there is fall out. 
Price: $25